Tobacco-Free Shisha

You can enjoy shisha taste without any tobacco risk!

Shisharoma is a cleaned and heat-treated volcanic hookah steam stone. It contains flavored glycerin, which allows its consumers to enjoy hookah without any tobacco.

We are exclusive distributors of SHISHAROMA in Egypt, in our unique Shisha Center shop you can find a wide assortment of shisha flavors that can satisfy the most exigent smoker: Cherry Cola, Pineapple, Jamaika Cherry, Blue Mint, Cho-Co-Balls, Watermelon, Coconut, Cherry, Peach, Grape Mint, Two Apples, Black Grapes, Burry Mint, White Grape Nr.3, Pinacolada, Chocolate Orange, Mint, Melon, Limon Mint and Limon.


Everyone knows that smoking is very harmful. But we can enjoy hookah without this health risk, because Shisharoma minerals offer a much healthier alternative.

The high quality steam stone is a new alternative for the enjoyment without tobacco, because:

  • There’s no smoke: The glycerin steam gives an illusion similar to smoke, and you can even blow bigger clouds.
  • There’s no flue gas: The hookah steam stone doesn’t burn out.  The glycerin that gives the steam also evaporates, so there are significantly less harmful substances compared to tobacco-based products.
  • It’s tobacco-free:  Shiahsaroma hookah steam stone is tobacco tax free and it doesn’t have an age limit so you can buy or sell it on the Internet.
  • It’s nicotine-free: As it doesn’t contain tobacco, it doesn’t contain nicotine either, so it’s a great alternative for people who don’t smoke but like hookahs, and their non-smoker environment, too.
  • It’s tar-free: One of the most dangerous components of tobacco is tar. Shisharoma shisha steam stones doesn’t contain any tar and it doesn’t create tar when using it.

How does it work?

Shisharoma doesn’t burn out in contrast with tobacco products. As a result of its special porous structure, it soaks the flavor and aroma of glycerin, then, heated up, it evaporates them. As Shisharoma stones have a large surface, it can effectively create a delicious steam cloud by evaporating aroma substances together with the glycerin, allowing us to taste the flavor of the Shisharoma product by inhaling it.

More advantages

  • Varied tastes: You can choose from more than 35 taste
  • It’s re-useable: It is economical because you can use one pack of Shisharoma steam stones several times; you don’t need to buy a new pack every time.
  • Re-flavorable: If you wash the stones simply with water and then you dry them extensively, you can re-flavor them with your custom taste of Shishasyrup.
  • There’s no age limit: You can buy and use it without age limit.
  • It can be sold without excise license: You don’t need a special license, so you can easily expand your supplies, and increase your turnover.

How to use?

Put the stones on the ceramics, instead of tobacco, cover it with tinfoil, and then heat it with smoldering charcoal. The usage of Shisharoma is identical to hookah tobaccos, so you don’t need to learn anything new to use it perfectly.