Shisharoma Re-flavoring and re-using

Re-flavoring and re-using Shisharoma

You can re-flavor it with another taste. (Probably, you will taste both flavors.)
You can clean it and add your favorite Shishasyrup to it.

Alternative ways to re-use:

You can use the stones as decoration
You can use it instead of gravel

You must use sugar and sugar molasses and honey free re-favorers. So it is prohibited to use any of these ingredients. Otherwise the re-flavoring process can go wrong easily. These ingredients destroy the effect of the micro capillaries.

How to clean the stones?

If the stones don’t produce enough smoke you should clean it. The first step is to put them into boiling water for 3-4 minutes. We suggest using a pot reserved for this purpose, because the aroma will color the inside of the pot.

You should dry it at high temperature, but less than 250 Celsius degrees. For example, you can use a toast oven or a gas-cooker.


  • You should clean only clean Shisharoma stones at your own risk!
  • It has got a high health risk if you use any detergents or chemicals. You mustn’t use any of these!
  • When you dry the Shisharoma, it might produce a lot of “smoke”, (but we know it isn’t smoke, it’s only glyzerine steam) so you should prepare your family and neighbors for an incidental aromatic fog.
  • If you want to heat the stones, you should do in a well-ventilated room, or in open  air at a low quantity.
  • It’s dangerous and prohibited to heat Shisharoma in closed space, or closed oven, or with open flame.
  • We can’t take any responsibility for the accidents if you do it at home. (For example: fire, burning injury, triggering automatic extinguisher, slap by your mother and other unlisted things.)