Sultana-@ Nicotine Ash Reducer

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What is sultana-@?

With the continuous efforts to maintain and preserve Shisha smokers’ health, Sultana-@ product has been introduced to the European Market few years ago. It is the outcome of German and Swiss Scientific blend of researches and united efforts to provide smokers pleasure without regret. Sultana is a non pharmaceutical product. It’s basis is made from chemical and herbal substances.

Why sultana-@?

Analysis show impressive scientific results underlining the fact that the usage of sultana in the water of shisha will achieve a proofed and significant reduce of harmful and cancer causing substances. Sultana-@® is an ampoule that is added to the water of the Shisha to help lessen and alleviate 95% of the unsafe effect of the tobacco and charcoal burning. The poisonous gas carbon monox-ide in the Shisha is converted to the neutral gas carbon dioxide that is soluble in water and this in turn will reduce the gas effect on the body and diminish headache and chest pains for smokers The ampoule is colorless and odorless, hence it does not affect the flavor or the taste of the tobacco and it stays effective from 3-4 hours of smoking.

How to use sultana-@?

The product is packaged in a small box, every box contains 4 Ampoules , and every ampoule is used once in the water of the Shisha. It lasts from 3 to 4 hours.

Cut off the small tail and pour the fluid into Hookah / Shisha-water followed by little stirring – that´s all of additional handling to prepare your Hookah / Shisha for smoking!

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