Add Sultana-@ and Feel The Difference!

Hookah / Shisha smokers do not consume less harmful substances than cigarette smoker do. Water alone does not filter health endangering substances and compounds like nicotine, benzol, toloul or benzopyrene out of smoke.

Adding sultana to Hookah / Shisha-water leads to a significant reduce of harmful and cancer causing substances and compounds without changing the enjoyable taste of Hookah / Shisha tobacco.

sultana-@ contains bioactive compounds of organic structure. Acting as membrane layers they bind harmful substances of Hookah / Shisha tobacco as well as other harmful substances deriving from smoldering charcoal and process of burning to the water.

Biophysical and biochemical effects of sultana-@ leads to formation of hydro-nicotine that makes the smoke more pleasant and significantly less harmful. Further, very toxic compounds such as carbon monoxide will be converted to carbon dioxide and solved in the water.

All smoker can easily feel positive effects of ongoing biophysical and biochemical processes induced through sultana-@ by setting up own diagnosis resulting from noticing that

• the taste of tobacco is unchanged
• there is no feeling of burning throat
• there are no headaches or dizziness after intensive smoking